Privacy statement

We will inform you as a visitor to our site and our customer service on our data management and data protection policies in the data management prospectus.

1. What are the principles behind our data management?
2. Who are we?
3. what are the cookies and how do they handle them?
4. What do we need to know about our data management on our site?
5. Other data management issues
6. What are your rights and remedies?
7. Modify the Privacy Policy
What are the principles behind our data management?

Our company follows the following principles in its data management:

  -  your personal information is legally and fairly handled, and you are treated transparently for you.
personal data will only be collected for specific, clear and legitimate purposes and will not be treated in a way that is incompatible with the purposes.
 personal data collected and processed by us are appropriate and relevant to the purposes of data management and are limited to what is needed.
 Our Company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information we manage is accurate and, if necessary, up-to-date, inaccurate personal data is deleted or 
corrected immediately.
 we store your personal information in a format that you can only identify for the duration of your personal data management purposes.
 by providing adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security 
of personal data against unauthorized or unlawful handling, accidental loss, 
destruction or damage to the data.


Our company is your personal data

-  based on your prior informed and voluntary consent, and only to the extent necessary and in any case targeted, ie collected, recorded, systematized, stored and used.

-  In some cases, your data is handled legally and is compulsory, and in such cases we will specifically point you to this fact.

-  and in some cases, your Company or third party has a legitimate interest in managing your personal information, such as the operation, development and security of our 
Who are we?
Data Manager

    Name:  Hévizi Szobakiadók Szövetsége 
    Head office: Hévíz, Attila utca 68.
    Contact: Lajkó Ferenc 
    Phone: +36 20 3843865
    Email address:
    VAT number: 18952861-1-20
    Registration Number: 20-01-0001018
Data Processing

In managing our data, our company uses the following processors to provide high quality service to our customers:
Foltnet Kft.
website modification, hosting service
If we change the scope of our data processors, the changes will be transmitted in this prospectus.
Data we manage:
Visit the website
The aim is to ensure the proper and high quality operation of the website, to monitor and improve the quality of our services, to identify malicious visitors who attack our site, to measure attendance
Our company has a legitimate interest
Legal basis:  IP address, date of visit, details of visited pages, type of operating system and browser you are using
We only ask our visitors about their personal information when registering, signing up or participating in a prize game.
Period: 1 month
We can not link personal data provided on the use of our registration or marketing services, and our identification is basically not our goal.

You can contact us by e-mail or Hévíz, Attila utca 68. If you have any questions regarding the data handling, you can send us further information in the mail address of the address: or Hévíz, Attila utca 68. We will notify you within 3 days (within 1 month) accessibility.