More than 800 producers at the „Farmers market”

Products with high quality from the producers

Products with high quality from the producers
Within four years the Market showed the biggest producers offer of the area. The local and the producers from the neighbourhood are selling their products only form natural materials, with high quality.
It is currant to be a „conscious customer” – who environment-friendly and health-conscious is. Who tries to buy safe, without chemical procedures made products, and also keeps the lengths of the road between the „fields and the plates” in view.
The „Farmers Market” offers its product for these conscious customers.

A taste of the products: honey, jam, homemade cake, honey-cake, cheese, vegetables, fruits, meat - just some of the wide range offer. Next to the food staffs you can buy here handicraft products also.

Opening hours:
1st January - 1st April:
Thursday: 12:00 -18:00
Saturday 7:00 -13:00